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Frequently asked questions

In order to play TeamCraft, make sure you read all rules carefully. Otherwise your account might get banned permanently.

#1 - Don't kill people at the spawn, within a radius of 10 blocks.
#2 - Cheats, mods and non-official launchers are forbidden.
#3 - Swearing in chat isn't allowed, messages are always logged.
#4 - Abusing in any kind, is not allowed.

In order to get access to the game, you must register an account on this site. Make sure when entering the registration form, you use the same username as the one you've set in your MCPE launcher, otherwise it simple won't work.

When you registered, you've received an verification email. Login on the homepage and enter the same code as written in the email. If you entered a wrong email address, you cannot play. We just don't like fake people.

Once you completed the registration, you can buy items and do other awesome stuff on the website.

Once you join TeamCraft, our system will let you connect to one of our servers randomly. Since we use multiple servers, there is always a chance you joined one with less players. The total player count is based on all players on all servers.

Those emails are sent through an third-party. Emails are always delivered to your mailbox unless you've entered a wrong email address.

If you are really sure you've entered the right address, and checked your spam-box too, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and one of our staff members will help you further.

We know it's hard, but mostly not. We don't just ban people without a reason, promise.

Most times, players get banned for using mods, trying to manipulate our systems or swearing. If you have a good reason to come back, get in touch with us.

In order to play these games, an account is required. Without account, we cannot save your progress.

But I already have an account? Sometimes these games are closed, due maintenance for example. Try again in a few hours or so.

It's very important that you leave the game before buying items. If you don't, your inventory will simply be overwritten.

The correct order is: leave the game, buy items, and join again!

If you vote, it's important that you enter your exact TeamCraft username, else we cannot redeem your vote reward.

Once you actually voted, it takes up to 15 minutes for your vote to be processed. Once it is, you will receive an verification email and the Member rank is added. Go to your profile ( and you'll see that you've got the rank. You will also see this in the game.

Still no answer?

Our team is happy to help you with anything. Fill in the form, and we'll get back to you.